Wholesale Designer Bags – The Answer For Many Women

Too many people think that wholesale designer bags are just cheap replicas.

There are many types of wholesale designer bags available on the designer bags market. Just because a shop sells them doesn’t mean it has to be cheap and a knock-off of another high quality bag. Many businesses and street vendors sell imitation purses and replicas manufactured in countries with low labour costs, but this is not the only type of bags available.

The word wholesale just means that you can purchase any product, in our case designer bags, at the same price that distributors and retailers do. Retail shops mark up the price of designer bags that they have bought from a wholesaler in order to make a profit after the cost of having to ship them from the manufacturer to the retailer.

If you buy wholesale designer bags from a manufacturer directly, you eliminate the step of having to go to a retailer, and can therefore save money. The reason for this is of course that manufacturers and wholesalers don’t need the extra office or retail space required to run a chain of stores.

Sometimes this can be tricky when it comes to luxury hand bags as some of the high-end brands only allow sales through their own registered boutiques or retailers.

However, you can still get these high-end hand bags at discounted prices thanks to online shopping. Trading websites like eBay and Craigslist allow people to sell their new or pre-owned hand bags at lower costs than buying it in a retail store. A pre-loved fashion handbag that is well taken care of will look just as fantastic as when it was new.

When you look at wholesale designer bags you also need to remember that this doesn’t just include the high-end brands. This also includes the independent designers that sell exclusively through the internet. Which cuts their distribution and retailer costs as well as being able to reach their customers directly. Not only will you save money from an independent designer but you’ll also get something totally unique for your outfit.

Another great alternative to finding quality at bargain prices are unique bidding websites. Often you’ll find designer fashion pieces at ridiculously low prices by winning an auction for the lowest unique bid.

Next time you think of a getting a hand bag, think of wholesale designer bags and the many options that are available to you.

Selling Wholesale Designer Handbags – How to Build a Successful Business Selling Top Designer Bags

Fashion is always in season, even when budgets are tight. So, how do your customers retain their style without busting their wallets? They shop smarter. Today’s clientele is being careful about where they spend their hard-earned money. The internet is a fantastic resource for finding high-quality designer merchandise at discounted or wholesale prices. Selling designer handbags at wholesale prices can be quite a lucrative business.

Name brand bags and purses are essential to a stylish wardrobe. They can also be quite pricey. How can you make certain your business becomes profitable and successful?

The Real Thing
You need to make certain that the brand name is legitimate. No one wants to pay for a designer bag and receive a knock-off. Besides you want to inspire repeat customers which will not happen if you are selling bags of low quality.

The Right Fit
Therefore, you need to be cautious when choosing a wholesale or dropping company. There are ‘fake’ distributors out there set up to look like they make doing business more convenient. However, they are simply middle men and the whole point of selling wholesale is to eliminate the middle man.

Maximize Your Profits
Find companies selling product at a significant discount to enhance your profits. Also look for companies who offer perks like free shipping or additional discounts if you sign on with them. If you need help finding the right supplier, directory websites like Salehoo can be a big help. Also take into account what taxes, shipping and other overhead costs will do to your profits.

Find an Outlet
Then you simply need to decide how to want to sell your product. You could build your own website, use online auctions, design a catalog, open your own retail establishment, or experiment with other creative marketing ideas. Your imagination is the only limit here. Once consumers find out they can purchase quality, designer handbags without damaging the family budget, your customer base will swell.

You can make money online and have a successful business by selling designer handbags. Do your research, and utilize resources like Salehoo, to ensure that your start-up succeeds.

Pet Carriers for Small Dogs: The Roxy Bags and the Hampton Dog Tote

Pet carriers for small dogs nowadays come in very cute designs that often would look like a designer bag or purse. It is also made up of materials that can protect your dog and also give him or her comfort while inside the carrier.

There are a lot of wonderfully designed dog carriers for your small pet that are available in many pet stores. So if you are planning to buy one and is also thinking of buying something that looks like a cool and sophisticated bag that you can confidently carry around with you, then you can either get the Roxy bags or the Hampton dog tote that is sold online at petsalley.com. These two bags have wonderful designs and nice features that would really make it the perfect dog carriers for small dogs that you should buy.

The Roxy bags are made of faux leather or a kind of fabric material that imitates leather that comes from animals. It has two sides that has mesh ventilation windows and has a dual zipper front entry. Then the bag also has a roll-up opening for additional ventilation. There is also an exposure snap hook where you can attach the collar of your dog for added safety. Not only that, but the bag has a very distinctive design just like a highly-priced fashion bag. Plus it comes in several color combinations.

The Hampton dog tote on the other hand is one of the many pet carriers for small dogs that offer a highly sophisticated design with a sassy mix of kiwi green exterior and turquoise interior. It comes with a free matching kiwi green zippered case where you can place some accessories for your dog or your own. The bottom of the carrier is lined in soft fleece which can make your pet feel comfortable while inside the bag. This soft fleece lining can be removed out from the bag so that you can easily wash it. Also, the carrier has a safety collar clip which secures your pet while both of you are on the move.

Now that you know two of the best designed carriers that you can buy for your dog, all you need to do now is choose which carrier you want and buy it. You can also buy the two dog carriers for small dogs when you have difficulties in choosing the best because both offer outstanding features.