Pet Carriers for Small Dogs: The Roxy Bags and the Hampton Dog Tote

Pet carriers for small dogs nowadays come in very cute designs that often would look like a designer bag or purse. It is also made up of materials that can protect your dog and also give him or her comfort while inside the carrier.

There are a lot of wonderfully designed dog carriers for your small pet that are available in many pet stores. So if you are planning to buy one and is also thinking of buying something that looks like a cool and sophisticated bag that you can confidently carry around with you, then you can either get the Roxy bags or the Hampton dog tote that is sold online at These two bags have wonderful designs and nice features that would really make it the perfect dog carriers for small dogs that you should buy.

The Roxy bags are made of faux leather or a kind of fabric material that imitates leather that comes from animals. It has two sides that has mesh ventilation windows and has a dual zipper front entry. Then the bag also has a roll-up opening for additional ventilation. There is also an exposure snap hook where you can attach the collar of your dog for added safety. Not only that, but the bag has a very distinctive design just like a highly-priced fashion bag. Plus it comes in several color combinations.

The Hampton dog tote on the other hand is one of the many pet carriers for small dogs that offer a highly sophisticated design with a sassy mix of kiwi green exterior and turquoise interior. It comes with a free matching kiwi green zippered case where you can place some accessories for your dog or your own. The bottom of the carrier is lined in soft fleece which can make your pet feel comfortable while inside the bag. This soft fleece lining can be removed out from the bag so that you can easily wash it. Also, the carrier has a safety collar clip which secures your pet while both of you are on the move.

Now that you know two of the best designed carriers that you can buy for your dog, all you need to do now is choose which carrier you want and buy it. You can also buy the two dog carriers for small dogs when you have difficulties in choosing the best because both offer outstanding features.